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Loose Shus

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12" Vinyl / Digital Download

Here comes the second EP from Loose Shus, direct from San Francisco, CA. Two years in the making, this self-titled EP combines modern funk, cosmic disco, and experimental synth boogie. The instruments used span three decades: from the 80s he used the Oberheim DX, Akai Ax60, Yamaha TX81z, to the 90s Roland JX-305, and onto present day software. The EP enlists the help of a few talented producers —XL Middleton's ripping keyboard solos can be heard on "Saturation” —PLAzA lays in some chilled out textures on "Ladies".

Loose Shus’ first EP was released in 2009 by Plant Music. He then went on to do many remixes for artists such as Mayer Hawthorne and Jupiter. He was featured on the Voltaire Records’ 12" compilations Affairs Online and Private Function, as well as the Valerie Collective compilation.

The music videos below were all made by Loose Shus, he's been skateboarding and animating strange animals since he was a young kid, why stop now.

Saturation Music Video

The Saturation music video is heavily inspired by Ralph Bakshi who placed cartoons into real scenarios many years before Roger Rabbit. XL middleton plays the keytar solo on the roof of the old Lincoln, Loose Shus' favorite car. Video by Loose Shus.

Ladies Music Video

The Ladies video tells the story of the three characters from the record cover, Foxxy the Cat, the Dog, and the Three Eyes, as they search across a color-coordinated 3D landscape in search of "Ladies". Video by Loose Shus.

Hang Ups Music Video

Fen ( co founder of Voltaire Records ),DJ Hotthobo, and Loose Shus all met through skateboarding. The Hang Ups music video shows old footage of them skating as teens in the 90s, a few recent clips, and plenty of antics. Video by Loose Shus.

♫'n The Studio with Loose Shus

Loose Shus takes you on a tour of his studio.

12" Record Cover

cover art by Loose Shus